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Almost all businesses need phone systems. Whether your business is small or large, there is a phone system out there that fits your needs. But how do you pick? As a decision maker, you need to understand your user and customer needs. You do this to make your team more efficient resulting in more sales and more overall growth for your company. [ learn more ]
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Not all phone systems are created equal. Some are more affordable and basic than others. Some are sophisticated with complex features. It behooves you to carefully discern across all plans. Features offered may include video conferecing, mobile forwarding, automated attendants, paging/speaker/intercom, VOIP technology, and unified messaging connecting your phone to your email and mobile texting. [ learn more ]
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Finding the right system for your company can be a daunting task. This a critical decision that can dictate the growth pattern of your company. Phone systems enable your employees to conduct business with new efficiencies. But locating the one for your business can be difficult. TopPhoneSystems was built to save you time and money. Using proprietary technology and relationships, TopPhoneSytems is your conduit to the phone system world. [ learn more ]

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opening quoteIíve worked in the IT industry for 15+ years and have yet to come across a reference that is as informational and simple to use as TopPhoneSystems.com. TopPhoneSystems laid out my options to me in a clear, concise manner that saved me time and money. I especially liked the product comparison table. I definitely recommend them to all of my contemporaries. Thank you TopPhoneSystems!closing quote

Will Sanders, IT Director

opening quoteI came across Topphonesytems.com through the web and was pleasantly surprised. Iím a CTO of a small startup and we needed a system to handle our growth. We essentially went from 3 employees to 20 in the matter of 6 mos. I went through the usual suspects but didnít know I wanted a system that could handle our growth but was also cost effective. Then I came across Topphonesystems. They connected me with relevant providers and I found a system right for my company.closing quote

Soo-Yi Chan, CTO and advisor

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Phone Systems on the Go

Watch out landlines! Here comes Mobile! New advances in telephony services now connect your mobile phone with your business phone systems, enabling employees to access data and customers wherever they are. Other advances in business systems include CRM integrations, presence techonologies, and wireless IP technology.[ learn more ]

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We all know there are many benefits from getting a phone system. But here are some tips in finding the right system: There are phone systems available for companies with 5 employees to thousands. Technology ranges from basic to sophisticated and unified. Use a combination of IP, SIP, digital, or analog. The majority of providers let you scale your system as your business grows[ learn more ]

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