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Small Business Phone SystemWhy get a Phone Sytem? Businesses should get a phone system to create efficiencies in their workplace. Specifically, there is a multitude of benefits of purchasing a phone system for your business: IP phone systems are on 1 network which are easier to maintenance, less expensive to run, and more efficient than separate networks. The newest systems are built on a unified platform that offer anywhere access, whether landline or mobile. No more migrating extensions across multiple systems. Phone systems let you service your customers better, amounting in more productive employees and more overall revenue.

What are the types of business phone systems? There are several types of phone systems. Reviewing each one carefully before you purchase will save you and your employees time and money: KSU Less- KSU systems, or key system less units, are best for small companies with low budgets. They’re also not wired to your office so they’re easily transportable. Key systems- KSU systems, or key system unit, require a cabinet to house the router. PBX Systems- PBX sytems, or private branch exchanges, are reasonable systems for companies with 10-50 people. They’re expensive but have advanced funcationality and can be customized. VoIP- VoIP sytems or voice over IP, runs on internet lines and can create a significant cost advantage over traditional systems. Its great for large companies and if there is a downfall, it’s that internet connectivity needs to be managed regularly. SIP- SIP means “session initiation protocol”. SIP techonology is used for video conferencing and multiparty conferencing.

Business Phone System What comes with an Office Phone System? When researching different systems one should understand the basic components that come with it: Phones- There are many phone manufacturers. Its best to test them out before purchasing as they all have different features and functionalities. Headsets- Headsets and microphones will be an additional cost to your phone but maybe useful for your employees’ productivity. Video conferencing- If you opt for video conferencing, systems will be equipped with LCD/LED monitors and LCD equipped phones. Adapters- Adapters convert traditional phones into digital phones. Routers- Routers are the hardware that connect your system with the digital world. Advanced routing equipment- Different systems may require different routers. For example, PBX systems require a PBX specific routing hardware.

How do I pick a provider? Finding a provider can be an overwhelming endeavor. To help with this quest, follow these few helpful tips to find the right provider for you: Know your requirements prior to your search including budget, features, and customization. Test out the system prior to purchase. The majority of providers will let you test their systems for a 30 day trial. Ask the provider who their current clients are- This will give you an idea of whether they fit in with the needs of your vertical. Get and compare references

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