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Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is the lead in small business and office phone systems. When having a phone system on an IP network, you can save time and money. Manage your office phone more efficiently that have multiple networks in one location. In the long run, Cisco provides a great setup to save overhead in office expenses on your business phone system. In addition, your data network makes calling nationwide or making international calls with bottom tier rates. We would recommend Cisco to any new or established business to save money on their phone, make it easier to move with your phone system, or even add a new site or employee to the system...
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Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya solutions is one of the fastest growing phone solutions for small and midsize businesses. Avaya helps organizations communicate better to improve employee productivity, speed, and ensuring all employees are in sync all year round. Avaya provides great business solutions for your sales efforts and mobile employees keeping them integrated into your network at all times with strong mobile communications offerings and top tier computer desktop applications. Avaya prides itself on helping small and medium size business grow with a solid technology and phone infrasture to not hinder the speed at which you operate your business... [ learn more ]
NEC Phone System

NEC provides many cheap small business telephone systemsm such as the DSX which is a great product for start-ups or new businesses in need of an inexpensive telephone system to replace their current phone system. The NEC phone system comes packed with Caller ID, PRI/T1, Auto-Attendants, Voicemail, Windows Administrator and can easily scale to 64 lines and office phones... [ learn more ]
Toshiba Phone System

Tosihiba builds great office products to uphold the busy work environment of any company. Their IP Business Telephones can lower your office phone expenses cutting down on the long distance charges between locations, providing multiple calling options for your remote or satellite offices, and giving you the connectivity over a wired and wireless phone system. With Toshiba, they make it easy to add your intranet to easily extend your phone nsystem functionality to anywhere on the planet. Also, they create futuristic designs and sleek interfaces to such as the 8-angle tilt base to enhance your company ergonomics... [ learn more ]

Panasonic brings it's powerful brand to your home or business office with great Business Phone System solutions. Panasonic brings strong technology behind it's telephone products to loqwe costs by using an existing data network and ensuring easy access and connectivity across multiple office locations...
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Nortel Phone Systems

Nortel is an established telephone systems provider with great products that meet the needs of small, medium sized and large businesses. Find Nortel systems phone solutions in all shapes and sizes, and look for their top-selling and most popular phone systems including the Nortel 3X8, 8X24, and 6X16 system. Nortel has one of the nations best Business Communications Managers to deliver satellite offices the only converged voice and data offering in the industry. This gives you the power of Nortel VoIP-enabled and a pure-IP strategy... [ learn more ]

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